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Mr & Mrs Runnels

First of all, please let me say that I HATE having to turn away weddings because we are already booked that day. However, the more popular we get (thank you so much to everyone for making that happen) it is becoming much more common.

Christina contacted me about photographing her wedding, and we were already booked with 16 mini sessions that day. I said the only thing we could do was a mini session with the 2 of them so that they at least ended up with some great wedding images of the two of them. Let's be honest, those are really the images you most want from your day anyhow. It's really all just about the two of you, and your love for one another. She agreed, and so Olivia and I (covered in dirt, mud and who knows what else after those 16 mini sessions) headed across Columbus to catch sunset with this adorable couple.

Here are just a few favorites from that session.

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