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Thank you!!!

Do you know that Counting Crows song, Long December? Well it's become my theme song this month! It has been a very long and majorly crappy month for me personally. If you hadn't heard, here's the brief rundown. I had a super fun visit to the ER followed by emergency surgery and was then told that I needed to be on bed rest for the next 3 weeks all before December 4th! I'm an pretty sure the surgeon thought I was a looney when I busted into tears at that point. BED REST?!?!? I looked at him and very seriously asked if I could maybe just run a little bit, oh, and that I was planning to photograph a wedding in that time frame as well- would that be okay?? I honestly wish I has my camera to capture the look on his face when I said this! He said, and I quote, "If it were me, I would just enjoy the down time and definitely not shoot that wedding." Ummmm, yeah..... so guess what I did... Megan & Jack's wedding was stunning! ;) You can check out just a few of my favorites here.

Anyhow! Now we have come to this. It's Christmas Eve Eve ( something I have never said before!) and as of right now, I am officially on vacation! I have never been more ready for vacation in my life! And this year I am doing something huge- I am totally unplugging! Like totally! Out of office emails are ready to send. Phone is going to voicemail. I am out! But first, I wanted to thank each and every single one of you for making 2016 an amazing year. Seriously, I have the best clients. Every year I am in awe that this is my job, and that I get to do something that I love so much that it's actually difficult to walk away from it for a vacation. How many people can say that? To all of our couples that trusted us to capture their special day, words cannot thank you enough. We realize the faith and trust you place in us and hope that we live up to and exceed your expectations. To all of the families that, year after year, come back to us- you are my happy place. I feel like I am part of your family, and am so honored to capture moments and memories every year for you that will hopefully last a lifetime. Thank you.

And to my amazing assistants, Miranda and Olivia, ladies you are my jam. You keep the crazy train that can be Nowelle in check and I couldn't do it without you. You've always got my back, and know that I've got yours.

Paul and Ben. My world. Thank you. Thank you for the long weekends spent without me because I'm shooting back to back weddings. For never complaining when I am constantly running out the door to yet another session or meeting. For understanding that sometimes living in the house with a "creative person" can be, well, chaos. I love you both more than you'll ever know.

To everyone, Happy Holidays, and I will see you in 2017!



Oh, and since no blog is complete with at least 1 image, here is my favorite image from 2016- and it's one that I didn't even shoot!!! A huge thank you to my brave friend that grabbed my camera and snapped this shot of Ben and I at his Valentine's Day party. The kids had learned a special dance to do with their parent and I am so grateful to have this image of him and I "waltzing".

Happy Holidays!

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