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Let's Get This Party Started!!!

On Saturday, we photographed our first wedding of the season. On Sunday, Miranda and I texted that our sides hurt from laughing so hard on Saturday!!! I'm not kidding- this was one for the books. Like drop the mic and walk away kind of good.

However, since my blog limits me to just 20 images at a time, I am going to have to break this amazingness up. Oh, and there are a few images that I will never be allowed to post, thank you Groomsmen, but maybe, if we're really lucky, Tony & Julie will post them for everyone!!!

Up first, we have just 20 favorites from before the ceremony. From everything to the best first look with Julie's dad to my favorite dress shot ever (ask me sometime how we got the dress to hang there- it's a hilarious story!) and then the, hands down, best groomsmen shots we've had to date. (Oh, and these are TAME compared to what comes later from this group!!)

I wasn't going to share these until tomorrow but since Julie texted me a shot of Hawai'i (she just gets me) I'm rewarding her tonight!! ;)


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