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Hello, May!

It's May!!! You guys, I cannot express how excited that makes me! Why? Because of this picture above (I blurred it on purpose- promise!)

April was an INSANE month, not only for the studio, but for my family as well. See how everything on the schedule above is color coded? That's a must! Oh, and since I ran out of highlighter colors I declared that nobody was allowed to do anything else in our house! Haha! No, I'm serious!

So here are just a few facts of "April By The Numbers"

We photographed:

*5 weddings including our first elopement

*15 sessions- everything from engagements, families and our very last baby planner session.

*27 blog posts

*18 meetings

*56 Facebook posts

*For the first time ever, our site hit 1,500 visitors. We actually ended up having 1,796 unique visitors (unique means that if you've logged in on the same device more than once you're only counted that first time.)

Now get ready because here come the big numbers!

*I shot 174.1 GB worth of data

*That translates into 12,770 images

*We had 2 big magazine features for previous weddings

*1 Disney feature (I was pretty excited about this one!)

*1 day off- Easter

*Average turn around time for all sessions- including weddings- 1 week

And a partridge and a pear tree!

Shew! Now, I need to tell you 1 more small thing.

I loved every single minute of it! So if you see me around town with a slightly shell shocked look you'll understand why. But also understand that part of that look comes from the fact that I am in shock that this is really my life. I really have a career (it's a career, not a job) that I love. I go to work every single day excited. I get excited for every single wedding and I am probably the only person ever that looks forward to meetings!

I know I've said this before, but thank you. Thank you to every single bride and groom that ask me to capture the most important day of their lives together (so far- I promise there are going to be even more important days in your lives in the future!) Thank you to all of the clients that sent me texts or emails and never got mad at me when it takes me a couple of days to respond. Thank you to my amazing assistants, Miranda and Olivia, who can talk me down from the ledge and keep me on time on a wedding day.

And most importantly, thank you to my husband and son who make those moments when I walk in the door after being gone for 12 hours all worth it. To Paul for holding it all together when we have no power for over 30 hours and to Ben who never makes me feel bad if I'm gone all weekend. I love you both more than words can ever express.

So, with all of that said... Bring on May!

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