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"That's a Studio 1492 Photo!"

I'll admit it- the first time I heard those words a few months ago I was shocked! Wait- I have a style that's so noticeable that it doesn't need a logo in the corner to say "That's a Studio 1492 Photo"?! What does that even mean? Like usual, my crazy little brain went into overdrive and assumed it could mean the worst. However, I took a step back and asked a couple trusted brides and fellow wedding professionals what it would mean to them if they heard the words- "That's a Studio 1492 Photo." Over and over I was amazed at the response I got. It's official, we do have a style! After years of working my butt off to perfect it we've finally got a style that I love and that screams "Studio 1492"! So, what is that style you might ask? Well describing it is a little more difficult but here goes.

In my mind, a style is a combination of several elements that come together time and time again no matter the couple you're photographing, the location, the weather or the pose. It's how all of those elements fuse together to perfectly create that timeless moment that screams "Studio 1492". After talking to tons of clients, here is how they've described our style over and over so I guess it must be true! "It's pretty and pink but deep. It comes across as light and flowy but filled with emotions and there's a layer of passion just below the surface. It's sunset hour meets rose gold with a little bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure." And my personal favorite- "It's classic romance plan and simple."

Seriously?! Those words floored me the first 30 times that I read them!

So what's our style? It's that! All of that! All of the above! It's where my passion for photography meets my love for my couples and combines with a subtle under tone of rose and matte for a flawless finish. Wait- did you expect me to give you an easy answer? THAT is not my style! Haha!

So since it might sound a little confusing on paper let's just skip ahead to visuals and here are just a few images that scream "That's a Studio 1492 Photo!"

(Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you that helped me find the words above to describe my style! I couldn't have done it without you!)

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