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So long... farewell...

So long... farewell... okay, I can't spell the next word of that song, but you get the point, right?! 

Today marks a big moment for me. This is basically the beginning of busy season and until December the only way to see me is if we're shooting a session together or in a meeting. I almost posted a photo of my calendar for the next 8 weeks on this blog, but looking at it all laid out together might have freaked me out a little bit! So say goodbye to me until then! 

The truth is, every fall I say "This is our busiest fall ever!" So in true fall fashion, and in the effort of complete honesty- This is our busiest fall ever! Haha! But I'm serious! 

Am I complaining? Heck no! I love my job more than should really be allowed. I cannot wait for all 7 weddings, 15 seniors, countless family sessions, 4 maternity sessions and endless meetings. No sarcasm- promise! However; if you need me, it might take me a hot minute or 3 to get back to you. I promise that I will but your patience is greatly appreciated! Oh, and I have exciting news- we have added to our Studio 1492 family! Shelby is going to be joining our crazy crew and we honestly could not be more excited! I might even convince her to do a few blog posts this fall for me!! 

If you have not scheduled your session yet for this fall- now is really the time. In fact, you are almost out of time! We have exactly 5 openings left until the middle of November! The best way to get in touch with us is to click on the Contact Us link on the website and send us a direct message. 

2018 weddings- we are booking those dates at an insane rate- look on the previous blog post for a complete list. (Sorry, I'd link it directly but I'm trying to do this blog post in the car. I'll fix it as soon as I get internet access on my computer!) 

If you happen to see us shooting, meeting or just generally running around in the next 8 weeks- stop us long enough to say hi! That might actually be the longest we stop moving that whole day! Oh, and offers of caffeine are always welcome! 

Have a wonderful long weekend, friends! 

Now bring on busy season! 

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