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Waiting for my next nephew!

There are moments in life when you meet someone and just know, instantly, they were brought into your life to stay. The moment I met Kelly, it was a moment like that. I was blessed to have 2 sisters of my own, but thankfully somehow I lucked out and got a third the day before my 32nd birthday. Kelly was pregnant with Ellis, the adorable little 3 year old in these pictures, and had just happened to get one of my business cards at her doctor's office. I honestly don't even remember dropping them off, but I must have. The even crazier part- she lived less than 3 miles from me! Yep, it was just meant to be- I had another sister and I couldn't be more grateful!

Now Ellis is 3, and I am about to get another nephew next month. That's basically how it feels. The only people in the world who's house you can walk into without knocking is family=right? Well, then I guess that makes us family Kelly! (Sorry Robert! You just gained another sister- and she is almost exactly like your wife!)

When it came time to photograph both Ellis' 3rd birthday pictures and their family right before Rhett arrives, Kelly mentioned wanting to shoot at the covered bridge in town. Thank goodness she did, because as soon as we got started shooting, it started pouring! Um, there was almost no % chance of rain- what the what?! But because they are amazing, we just rolled with it and kept shooting. About 15 minutes later it finally stopped and we were able to head to our second location. The clouds were so crazy though! They made for a gorgeous set of images for an amazing family!

I totally lucked out when you found my business card, Kelly! (Oh, and about half down you are going to see, what I find, the most hilarious family photo- ever! Can you tell that Ellis loves his pup??)

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