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9:00-5:00- what does that even mean!?

I was asked today "What are your office hours?" An innocent enough question that should be easy to answer. So I said, well, I'm in the office at 9:00 generally unless I need to run errands and then I usually stay in the office until 2:30 unless I have meetings. Oh, and on Monday and Wednesdays it's usually later- except not right now because I'm shooting every Monday and Wednesday evening. And then on Fridays I am either out at 2:30 or else I am in until 8:00 again, unless I have meetings or sessions. Saturdays and Sundays, yeah, those are either totally open (last open one until Thanksgiving is this weekend, fyi) or else my phone is off because it's a wedding day. Oh, and don't be surprised to get my voicemail if you call from 3:15-8:15- that's mom time. And there is also the fact that emails usually don't get answered until after 10:00 in the evenings. (Brides can vouch- it isn't shocking to get emails from me at 4:00 AM!)

And then there's fall which is busy season so all of that above goes out the window.

So, what are my office hours?

Basically, whenever I have 3 free minutes. Thank God for a smart phone.

So, if you are waiting for an email, phone call, text, or smoke signal from me, I promise, it's on the list! But we are currently experiencing what I always hoped would happen when I started this business- we're busy. Like crazy busy. I am LOVING it, so no complaints. However. thank you for your patience! Ask my sister- she's been waiting for 4 days for a text back (it's coming, I promise)!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me to this point where I don't know if I'm coming or going. I know it sounds crazy, and it is, but I am loving every second of it. Busy is good, no, busy is great! And besides, I can sleep... in February? Maybe?

Haha! Happy evening, friends (it's Wednesday, right??!)

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