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Get ready for a week of senior blogs!

Last week I photographed a lot of seniors. I've lost count of the exact number but I'm sure you've noticed a lot of them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. (If you don't follow us- go do that now!) First though, let me just say something really quick. I worked with a lot of teenagers this week and the large majority of them were boys. All but 1 of our sessions were shot in rain at some point. Not one single person (other than maybe me) complained about the weather. The seniors were the most polite, respectful kids that I have ever worked with. They were honestly more polite than some adults I've worked with. They called me ma'am (which made me feel crazy old until I realized that they might be on to something...) and even Mrs. Ledebuhr. They never complained when I posed them, they offered to carry gear, moms held umbrellas over me and my gear while I shot. Basically, every single one of you amazed me and made, what could have been a rough week pretty awesome. Thank you. Oh, and congratulations to all the parents of these kids- you are doing a whole lot right. I know sometimes it doesn't feel like it!

But first up, we are sharing just a few favorites from Ethan Summa's senior session. He had a couple of requests- a few shots with his grandma and his dog and then, of course, football pictures. The day of the session, he showed up and blew me away with his outfit choices! I was amazed. We generally have to force our senior guys to wear at least one dressier outfit. Ethan had several and rocked them all. My favorite shots though are the ones with his grandma- who is absolutely hilarious by the way!

Ethan was a great senior to work with and was happy and smiling- until he stepped on the football field. Woah! I would literally HATE to be on the other side of the field from him when he puts that game face on. (And since I saw him and the rest of the team in action Friday night I even more agree with that statement.)

Thank you so much to all of the families and seniors that made a long, wet, chilly week fun and full of laughter. I truly do work with some of the very best that Columbus has to offer.

PS, Tamela, this means the proofs are done and ready to view! Check your email for details!!

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