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Garb2Art Photo Shoot & Contest!

Good morning! So yesterday I had the chance to work with another local small business, Garb2Art. If you haven't heard of them- you actually might be alone! These ladies are killing it in the beauty, cosmetic and bath items locally.

I recently was given a sweet thank you gift from a bride and groom that had a couple of items in it from Garb2Art and basically fell in love.(Thanks, Chris & Jessica!) Seriously- check out their whipped body butters and you will thank me! They are life changing- especially for that dry, chapped winter skin. I keep my favorite, Unicorn, which smells exactly like Hawai'i, right next to the sink in my house so that I can reapply after every time I wash my hands. I have yet to have cracked cuticles this winter which is saying something because I am one of those that seems to wash my hands every 5 minutes. 'Tis the season for germs!

So I stopped by their adorable shop on Central (think right in front of Donut Central) yesterday and grabbed a whole tote full of items to do a photo shoot with. Needless to say, when you see the images you will see how much fun I had with them. I might officially be in love with product shots! Plus their line of glittery bath bombs, custom made lip glosses and lotions are all pink and sparklie and basically right up my alley! I was covered in glitter and crushed candy afterwards and loved it!

If you are looking for those hard to find work gifts, stocking stuffers (for others or yourself- no judgement here!) or just a unique teacher gift- you have to stop by their store! Tell them Nowelle sent you, and enjoy! It basically smells like heaven in there so go check it out! (And don't be surprised if you run into me while you're there!)

Want more information? Here are all of the ways to contact them:

Oh, and we are teaming up with Garb2Art to do a giant giveaway! Head over to our Instagram account for all of the details- you will not want to miss out! Who doesn't love A LOT of free stuff?!?!

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