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It's so much more than a business.

It's the start of a new year, and time to reflect on the previous year. As I sat down this week and finally had a chance to do this I realized something that has been coming slowly to me little by little over the past year. This business that I have the amazing opportunity to run has become so much more than just a way to help provide for my family. Let me take just a couple minutes of your time to tell you what I've realized.

I know this comes as a shock if you've ever seen me at a wedding reception yelling and trying to organize 200 people but I am actually a very introverted person. I promise- it's true! In my every day life I am more often than not, the last person to volunteer to be in front of a crowd and I am AWFUL at small talk. Like the world's more awkward things tend to pop out of my mouth- frequently! But through this business I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people who have then become some of my closest friends. People that I would never have had a chance to meet or get to know but that I have been blessed to spend hours with and grow with. I've been there for some of their biggest moments and talked them through their biggest fears and concerns. Every time a bride looks to me for guidance with complete faith and trust (which still freaks me out a little bit) I am humbled to be that person for them on that day.

Another thing I have realized is that I have been blessed with an amazing gift and that gift has given me the opportunity to give back to those in need. In multiple ways we have been able to use photography to enrich the lives around us while not seeking a dime or recognition. That's all you will hear about this- my amazing #1492bridetribe knows more but just know that I realize how blessed I am. Having the chance to use photography for more than just an income is an amazing feeling.

You will never understand how humbled I am when you say "We want you to photograph our wedding" or send me images of you in your dress because you want to share with me.

Parents of my brides and grooms, when you place your faith in me to capture those moments on a wedding day that I know you've dreamt about their whole lives but never give me a list because you just trust I'll get it, I'm humbled.

Grooms, when you call me frantic a week before because you just found out you were suppose to get her a gift and have no idea what but think I will, thank you! I will give you all the ideas and never tell which ones called- ever! Your secret is safe with me!

Brides, I cannot tell you how blown away I am when, on your wedding day, I walk into the room where you are getting ready and hear "Nowelle! You guys, she's here!" and I know that you are excited to see me for more than just a photographer but because a friend just walked in- I am always blown away. Or when your maid of honor hugs me before we're even been introduced and says "I've heard so much about you and we can't wait to see what magic you create!" I get a little nervous but super excited as well.

But the most humbling thing of all is when, long after your wedding images have been delivered and the party is over you keep in touch. You continue to play a part in my life. You continue to ask me to capture those precious moments in your lives. You text me on my birthday and comment on pictures of my son. When we no longer have a business relationship and yet you choose to have a personal friendship, thank you.

This business provides for my family and allows me to have an amazing creative outlet. But it's so much more. Each and every one of you make it so very much more.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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