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Mr. & Mrs. Muckley's Marriage Ceremony

Most couples are the most nervous about the ceremony on the day of their wedding. Katie and Brandon, however, were probably so relieved to get to it because they knew they'd finally be warm after trekking around Columbus is negative wind chills for the previous 2 hours! After that, the ceremony was like a cake walk! Haha! Thanks again for being so amazing you guys- oh, and your fun loving wedding party!! Not a single complaint!

Anyhow! They survived the cold and scored some pretty epic pictures from it- if you haven't seen them, click here to view that blog. There ceremony was held at Asbury United Methodist Church here in Columbus and which is a gorgeous and unique church. The image of Katie looking at her dad and fighting back tears as they walk down the aisle will go down as one of my favorite captures ever. If you ever thought that if you do a First Look you won't still get emotional when it comes time to walk down that aisle, here's the proof that you're generally wrong. It all hits about half way down that aisle and very few don't shed a tear or two. However, when Katie and her dad looked at each other, even this pretty non-emotional photographer got misty eyed.

The wedding ceremony was a funny and thoughtful sermon and I love that we were able to capture lots of emotion from it. My goal when photographing a wedding is for the couple to be able to look back at their images years from that day and still see and feel the emotions they were feeling at that exact moment. I truly think Katie and Brandon will have that with these and so many more of the images we haven't shared here.

Oh, and this wedding wins for the best reaction to walking back down the aisle after being pronounced as husband and wife. I'm not sure who it was that was being Skyped in on a guest's cellphone but needless to say, the couple was happy they were a part of it!

Complete List of Vendors:

Katie's Dress: That Special Touch

Fur Shrug: Amazon

Hair and Makeup: Chaleece Leckron and Anna Miller

Flowers: Katie's mom!!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus

Ceremony: Asbury United Methodist Church

Reception: The Commons

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