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Just a little house keeping items!

Happy Tuesday everyone! (Okay, in full disclosure- I had to make sure it was Tuesday. That tells you how my week is going!)

I just wanted to hop on here and update you on a few little house keeping items.

First- our Spring Minis are next Sunday and we actually had a family need to cancel so there is one spot that just opened up. Message me for details. They are going to be amazing!!

Next, Class of 2018- there is still time to schedule your custom senior session before graduation, but it's getting close! Don't miss out on the chance to photograph these memories- you'll kick yourself in 5 years if you do! Trust me, I know.

Class of 2019- yes, you read that correctly 2019! We are moving on and already scheduling our fall senior sessions. This year we will only be taking a VERY limited number of fall seniors due to a high volume of weddings. If you want to score a gorgeous fall senior session, now is the time to schedule it! Seriously! We already have 5 on the schedule for October- I kid you not! In the next few weeks we will be releasing a blog that has all of the remaining open senior dates. When they're gone (and trust me- they will go FAST) that's it. Also, we are still looking for senior reps for all area high schools with the exception of Columbus East. We've got those taken care of already! Want more details- hit that Contact us link now!

Finally- fall family mini sessions! Yep, we aren't messing around here! We are going to be releasing that fall mini session date in the next few weeks and these always book up within hours so be sure to keep an eye on the blog. Woah- I still can't believe it's only April 2nd and we are talking about booking out the rest of the year! You guys are amazing and I truly cannot thank you all enough for your love and support. 2019 wedding dates are flying off the calendar almost daily and we've even had a couple of 2020 dates request information!! Our brides are on their A game here at Studio 1492 Photography!!

Oh, and if you haven't heard, I am home with a super sick kiddo this week so if you reach out just know that it might take me a little more time than usual to get back with you. But believe me- he's ready to get back to school and away from mama's camera! Check out this shot I got of him hiding in a tent he built this morning to do his homework and catch up on some reading!

Here is the link for anyone needing to get in touch---> Contact Us

Have a wonderful day!


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