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I'm so excited!!!

Okay guys, first of all, if you know my son please DO NOT MENTION THIS TO HIM!!! Swear? Okay, great!





So there is something that I have always wanted to do and it is looking more and more like it might become a reality. I have always wanted to photograph sessions at Walt Disney World! When we were there a couple of years ago I was so excited to capture the images I'm sharing below for our family that I wanted to do it for other families. I also would love to capture an engagement session and senior so this is where you guys come in! I am planning a trip for the week of fall break, October 8-12th and will be offering a very limited number of sessions- family, engagement, couples, and 1 very lucky senior! Here are the details. One, you must already be at Walt Disney World. Sorry, I can't pay for you to go! I wish! Two, like I mentioned, there are only a limited number of sessions, so it is truly first come, first gets the most epic vacation images ever, oh, I mean served! Interested?? Click the Contact Us link to find out more information. Oh, and want to know how I was able to get pictures in front of the castle without ANYBODY in them? Yeah, that's all thanks to the most epic travel planner ever, Jennifer. Click her name and it will take you straight to her page where you can contact her. She's the only person I use to plan all of our vacations! Disney is overwhelming- unless you have Jen on your side!

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