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Mr. & Mrs. Turmail

First of all, consider this your warning. This blog post is MASSIVE!!! Like grab a drink or three and a snack because this might take a while kind of massive! Okay, now that you've got your snacks, let's begin!

There are times when I meet with a bride at our initial wedding consult when I just feel that click and now this is going to be more than a photographer/ client relationship. When I met with Kelby and her mom it was exactly like that. Our first meeting that generally only takes 45 minutes to an hour worked it's way to 2 hours before we realized that we all had other meetings and had to rush off. I left that meeting feeling like I had just had coffee with a long lost friend and my fingers, toes and eyes were all crossed that she would sign with us. When I got her contract in the mail I was over the moon!

Over the past year, Kelby and Jeff and their families have become friends. The morning of the wedding I was so excited to see them. We started at Kelby's parents house for the prep and details shots and then headed to the church afterwards. But wait- can we please talk about the details of this wedding for a second? They were so amazing and all so perfectly matched to the black and white high end feel that Kelby had planned that I had a blast shooting them. Seriously, the ones you are about to see below are just a fraction of what we shot that day.

At the church we had planned a "First Look" with Kelby's dad and brother which was so adorable! Then they gave her a gift and letter from her parents and, well, let's just say that you will see why Kelby wasn't the only one crying during this part of the day. From there we went to Kelby & Jeff's First Look and maybe some more tears.... (please note that I NEVER cry at weddings- except this one where I might have cried multiple times!) Kelby & Jeff both had letters for each other so we set them up back to back, gave them the letters and stepped back. These moments are exactly why I strongly encourage doing a First Look. You read the sweetest note from the most important person in your world, the only thing you want to do is turn around and hug them! Well, that's exactly what Kelby did!

Oh, and please note the twirl picture right after the first look! Guys, just a word of advice. Once you see her at that first look ask to see the back of her dress. She will beam and twirl and you will look like a rock star husband because I knew it mattered to her to see the whole dress! Promise- it will earn you major hubby points!!

Oh, and can I please just tell you that this was all shot on June 30th where the heat index topped out at 110! Want to know how many complaints I heard from the guys in full tuxes or the girls in full length black dresses??? ZERO! Nobody complained when I asked them to go shoot outside. They just went, waited their turn and smiled! I might have complained more than they did!! Wedding party goals right here!!

I could go on and on about how stunning this wedding was, but I'm guessing 99.9999% of you have already skipped to the images anyhow- not that I can blame you!

Thank you to Kelby, Jeff, their families and all of your amazing friends for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful wedding day. It was truly an honor. We are so blessed to call you clients but more so to also call you friends.


Nowelle & Shelby


Church: St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Brownstown, In.

Reception: Pewter Hall

Invitations: Vistaprint

Catering & Bar Services: Pewter Hall

Cake & Cupcakes: Sam's Club

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