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April 2019 Goals

You guys- I am an old school list maker. Is there anyone else here that even does that?! I make list constantly and they all must be hand written. I refuse to keep a list on my phone because I want that action of marking it off after the task has been completed. Anyone else?!

So now that the first quarter is done of 2019- hold up. Read that sentence again and let that sink in. THE FIRST 1/4 OF 2019 IS IN THE BOOKS. DONE. Did that hit anyone else a little hard this morning? It's no April Fool's joke. This year is flying past! So when I sat down last week to make my list of monthly goals for the business as well as our family I had a thought. What would make me more accountable to this list? Because I have lists for the first three months of 2019 with multiple items not marked off. But if I'm the only one that knows that the list fell short of completion then what's the big deal, right?? Well, not any more. I am going to have you guys hold me accountable! So my goal (haha- see what I'm starting here?) my goal is to start a blog series every month for the rest of 2019 where I tell you guys my goals for the month. Then at the end of the month I can check back in and hopefully say "Yep! Marked them all off this month!" Want to join in on the fun? Send me a comment and let me know what one of your goals for April is and I will check back in with you!

So here we go!


* Find 2020 Senior Reps for Columbus North, Hauser and Seymour

*Finish the Wedding Experience Magazine for all of our new brides

*Finish updating the website

*Launch Travel Session Dates (this is a big one you guys!!!)

*Read the book Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller


*Read book 2 of The Haunted Mansion Series with Ben

*Edit images from Spring Break trip LAST year

*Go through Ben's clothes and pull the ones that he has outgrown yet again

*Actually drop off the dry cleaning instead of leaving in the back of my car yet again.

Alright guys, I think that's it! I'm ready for this month! So tell me- are you a list maker? Hand written or digital? Want to join me in the process? You can do it one of three way. Leave a comment on our Instagram post, comment on our Facebook page post or send me a message on our website via the Contact Me link. No excuses! Let's do this together!

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