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Prom- 2019

This past weekend was prom for both of our area high schools and I was lucky enough to hang out with these awesome young adults and capture some pretty epic photos of them.

With photography, we love to make big, amazing plans and always know in the back of our minds that no matter how well we plan, Mother Nature will ultimately have the final say. This was very much the case with this past Saturday.

We met over two weeks ago to plan their custom prom session. It was going to be amazing! And then on Friday, the day before Prom, we realized that there was 0% chance that those epic plans were going to happen. I called in favors, and one of the amazing moms and I spent the day on the phone tracking down and perhaps doing a little bit of begging and bribery but thankfully Jeff Air at The Columbus Airport came through for us big time! And all of those carefully laid plans were rearranged into something, I believe, even more epic. Because at the end of the day- anyone can shoot prom photos at the locations we had originally planned. But we were the only ones to shoot prom photos with some killer airplanes as our backdrop! So in this photographer's book- we win, Mother Nature!

Okay, so I am well aware that almost nobody is still reading this and that you have all skipped forward to the images- that's okay. I can't blame you! I've spent the last 4 days editing them and I'm still in love with them!

Class of 2020- we are now offering something very exciting. We now have fully custom Elite Senior Experience sessions. Want details? Click Contact Us now. Oh, and these will be a limited number of sessions so it will be first come- first gets them! Trust me when I say- you DO NOT want to miss out on these!

Prom goers featured below and their parents- images will be in your inbox in the next 24 hours!

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