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Ashley & Pat Widmayer

I had the amazing privilege of meeting Ashley 2 years ago (right? I think that's correct- maybe?) when she was the Maid of Honor in one of my favorite weddings ever. Now, you might think it is crazy that I remembered her because I photograph hundreds of faces every year and while I try to remember names on the day of the wedding it doesn't always happen. But when your Maid of Honor stands up at the head table and busts out the most amazing speech that is actually part song part rap and all parts amazing, well, I'm not going to forget that one. So when she contacted me this summer about her fall wedding I was beyond excited.

When we met for Ashley & Pat's engagement session I was a nervous wreck you guys! They drove over 4 hours from Columbus, Ohio to have me shoot their session... and it was calling for severe storms. However, the rain held off long enough for us to shoot- like I literally started raining as we got in our cars, and it was awesome. (Promise, I will share all of those images soon as well!)

So during the engagement session Pat went to change and Ashley excitedly told me she had found her dream dress and asked if I wanted to see a picture of it. News Flash- I ALWAYS want to see pictures of your dream dress! But then she showed me a shot of that dress hanging above and my heart stopped. It was perfect. Like perfect, perfect. I've never seen another like it and it will forever be my most favorite wedding dress ever. And then, oh Ashley, and then she showed me this idea she had for the bridesmaids. Multiple hues of reds and oranges in different materials. You guys, I left that session in awe that somehow they had chosen me to photograph the most stunning, dream wedding ever. And then I worked with them and realized that as gorgeous as the details were, Ashley and Pat were even more amazing people. You know those people that you meet and you just know they are awesome. That's them! Pat and Ashley are the kindest, most thoughtful but equally hilarious people that you dream of being friends with. No joke, ask anyone that knows them- they're amazing!

So flash forward to the wedding day and that super awesome 100% chance of rain. All day. Like zero chance it was ever, not only not going to stop, but it would be pouring the entire day. And you know what? For once The Weather Channel was right. It was a complete washout. Except, it was perfect. The light was romantic inside of Factory 12 Event Loft. We had an amazing venue at The Inn at Irwin Gardens for their First Look and couples photos that matched the feel of their wedding day. It was perfect.

Oops! I just realized that I have talked your ears off at this point- sorry! But you guys!! This was one of those weddings that just reminds me again and again why I do what I do and how blessed I am to have this job. It's not the venue or the perfect details or the fact that every time I go to work I know it will end with cupcakes. It's the people that I work with. They're the best part.

So here they are. 120+ of my favorite images from that rainy October Saturday.

Thank you so much to Ashley, Pat and their family and friends for inviting me in and asking me to capture your truly perfect wedding day. As always, it was an honor.


Ceremony & Reception Venue: Factory 12 Event Loft

First Look Venue: The Inn at Irwin Gardens

Flowers: Kristen Bridgeman

Ashley's Dress: David's Bridal

Suits: Men's Wearhouse

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