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Allana- 2020 Cap & Gown Minis

We're back on the Cap & Gown minis blogs after taking a couple of days to catch up on editing and emails. Up next, Allana who is graduating from Columbus Easy High School and is headed to Purdue University! (If you know me at all, you know this kinda maybe sorta made my day!)

Also, I am getting a lot of inquiries on a few different type of sessions, so I thought I'd mix things up and do something I have NEVER done before! For the month of May I am offering "You Name it Minis!"

Cap & Gown minis, sure!

Prom minis? Heck yes!

Best Friends minis- you know I'm game!

Trash a dress or get adventurous with your cap and gown mini? I'm on it!

Dream session with one outfit that can be completed in 15 minutes? I'm your girl!

Sweet 16? I can't wait to shoot that session!

Basically, name it and I'll shoot it! Here are the only stipulations.

15 minute sessions, one outfit and one location. These are mainly geared towards my seniors but can be for any session (within reason!) These would be great for updating headshots, even school photos that aren't your boring indoor photos for younger students. The session fee is $55 and includes 10-15 digital downloads with full print rights.

If you've always wanted a session with us but couldn't afford the full senior experience sessions, this is your chance.

To schedule your mini or to start planning ideas, click CONTACT US now.

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