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Announcing your Class of 2021 Senior Reps!

I am so excited to finally announce your 2021 Senior Reps for Studio 1492 Photography! This year we are doing something very different. We have a guy rep team and a girl rep team. And the sessions that I am planning for their team shoots- holy cow they're going to be awesome!

But first things first, here are the names of your Rep Team so that you know who to contact for discount cards, tips and all of the details to make the most out of your own custom session. (Reps will have cards by the end of the school year. Until then, our 2020 reps still have some, check with them!)

Ali Bolinger

Taylen Lane

Regann Jessee

Lexia Capes

Parker Harrison

Ben Major

Kaden Wise

Jacob Bailey

Reese Harmon

Also, we do still have openings for other area high school reps so if you are interested, make sure you click CONTACT US and send me a message ASAP!

Thank you so much to everyone that applied. This upcoming year is going to be full of amazing shoots and I already know that we are taking things to the next level!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Spring Break.



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