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Ava- Class of 2024

When I say that you should plan to do big, epic things for your custom senior session, this is what I mean!

Ava's actual session was last September. However, due to a very dry summer we couldn't shoot the photos she wanted at the waterfall. I told her we would wait until spring, and sure enough, we had the perfect waterfall conditions.

Something to know when you see me post photos of these seniors in crazy locations. I am always 100% in it with them! Water? Yep! Climbing into an empty silo? I'm there! In a field full of hundreds of cattle? On it (and wearing flip flops no less!) They are never in it alone. I am just crazy enough to say that if they are down for it, then so am I. This generally means that I spend most of busy season drying out shoes and covered in bruises and mosquito bites but it's always worth it!

So here they are- the second part of Ava's session 7 months after we started her original session!

Who else is ready to plan an epic senior session??

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