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Camry- Class of 2023

I'm sure you've heard the saying" Oh, she's an old soul." Well, this couldn't be more true of Camry. Her style, her vibe, her love of 70's music- she's amazing, and truly an old soul.

When we discussed ideas for Camry's session, I never imagined they'd turn out this amazing. She wanted a vintage VW and she and her mom went to car shows to find the perfect one. They found Betty, the green VW bus, at a local car show and her owners were all too happy to have their beloved VW in a senior session!

While I was taking pictures, I heard Camry's mom and Betty's owner, Victoria, talking about how my style of senior sessions was different. Victoria asked me how I came up with the unique ideas and all I can say is- I have the best clients. Seriously.

I have seniors that want something different and parents that help make it happen. I have families that say yes to my crazy ideas and ask how they can help make them happen. I talk to my seniors and ask them questions so that I can get to know them more personally and then use those details to tailor their session.

Am I the one who usually comes up with the wild, crazy, out of the box ideas? Yes. But that is because I get to know the seniors during our planning session. I am constantly running ideas through my mind and sometimes I meet the perfect person for those ideas. Think I'm kidding? I can be in a conversation with a senior and their parents and one small thing they say makes something in my crazy brain go- "Wait! What if..." Seriously, I have interrupted so many calls with these exact words.

So to all of my seniors and parents that don't tell me no but rather say yes and how can we help make it happen, thank you. Every magazine feature is because of you. Every time we have been voted "Influencer of 2022" or "Top Photographers to Watch in 2022" or all of the other awards- that's you. I'm just the lucky girl behind the camera who still can't believe I've tricked everyone into letting me make this an actual career because you'll never convince me I'm suppose to have this much fun at a job.

So, thank you.

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