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Dalton- Class of 2020

Okay, okay. I know it's the cool thing to post seniors on #seniorsunday but I'm changing things up tonight for a very special reason. Tomorrow we are closing our 2021 Senior Rep Search so this is the last chance to sign up. If you're interested in more information and how to sign up, CLICK HERE for the blog with all of the information.

Dalton is one busy senior! Not only is he on the Columbus East Football team but he is also the catcher for East's baseball team as well. Oh, and from what I hear and based on the level of trophies and awards he brought with to his session, he's pretty fantastic at both sports.

With seniors that are in multiple activities, the challenge becomes finding a new, unique way to incorporate everything into the session while still having a cohesive final gallery.

My favorite images were the ones of him in his catcher's gear and suit. What you can't tell is that it was 98 degrees out when he was shooting! So he was in a full suit AND his gear!

We ended up having to break his session up and finished it at a private farm near Hope in the fall. Thankfully it was way cooler for the second round of photos!

Good luck next year, Dalton! Also, Dalton is one of our 2020 Senior Reps and has discount cards to help you save $$ on your own senior session!

Class of 2020, we only have a few open Spring sessions left where we can guarantee images in time for graduation.

Class of 2021, if you are not interested in being a rep, but still want Spring or early Summer photos, now is the time to get on our schedule. April is filling up and we do not book sessions in July so space is limited.

To get details on all of these sessions, click CONTACT US and send me a message.

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