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Date Night in The Gardens

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard at a senior session these words from a mom "I can't tell you the last time I had professional photos with my husband. Probably our wedding." Or at a wedding when a bridesmaid meekly asks if I can grab "just one quick shot of my husband and I finally dressed up and not chasing kids!"

It happens ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

Ask yourself- when was the last time you got a sitter, did your hair and makeup, grabbed your significant other and then the best you have to show for it is a blurry selfie?!

Well, 1492 and The Inn at Irwin Gardens are here to tell you that it is time to treat yourself! 2020 has been hard. Who else here hasn't seen their "fancy date clothes" since, oh, New Years Eve?!

For a limited time, we are hoping to help you change that. Get dressed up. Get a sitter. Come to the gorgeous gardens at The Irwin Inn and get some photos of just you and your special person. No kids. No distractions. Leave your cellphones in the car and unplug! (Okay, as a mom I know you won't leave your kids with a sitter and then leave your cellphone. But you get the idea!)

Come for a 15 minutes session, walk away with gorgeous images and, oh yeah, did we mention champagne?! The Inn is offering a bottle of champagne and two glasses to those interested. After your session feel free to take it home or pop the top and stroll through the gardens enjoying your moment of adult time.

Here are the details. These 15 minute sessions are just for couples and will be held in the evening on Friday, August 21. You will receive a digital download link and full copyright to all of your 18-20 edited images 2 weeks after your session. The session fee is $60 and then if you are interested in a bottle of champagne, that fee is an additional $30.

To reserve a time, click CONTACT US. Spaces are limited.

We can't wait to see you in The Gardens.

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