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Ellie- Class of 2025

I cannot believe it is time to start working with members of The Class of 2025! Ellie is our very first and she is on top of things because she will actually be a mid-year graduate.

When we did her inital consult to plan her custom session she said she wanted a very nautre lead session with lots of flowers but also to include her love of music. This was in February so I scheduled her for early April to take advantage of the beautiful spring blossoms. Imagine my surprise (read: panic) when we came back from Spring Break in mid- March to find everything had bloomed while we were gone! Oh, and they were calling for heavy frost in less than 24 hours which meant that all of these pink blossoms would be dead! Thankfully Ellie said she was free AND had her outfit ready when I frantically texted her. You guys- it was COLD. Like we are talking low 30's with strong winds that put the windchill well below freezing. Can you tell that she was cold thought? Nope!

We planned to finish her session another day once we got the blossom photos done and hope for better weather. Flash forward a few weeks to the day of her session and guess what- Severe thunderstorm warnings with a 90% chance of rain at the time of when we were planning to start shooting. We talked through options and Ellie said "Let's try it!" We did and I love the lighting and all of the shots we were able to get before the rain started. However, that also meant that we need a THIRD date in order to finish Ellie's session. When you book with me, you can be guaranteed that I will do everything in my power to get you the session you have been dreaming up.

Well, the day of Ellie's 3rd shoot was PERFECT!!!! We had warm weather! We had the perfect sunset with a stunning location! I had a fun senior! Basically, I was in photographer heaven!

Here is what Ellie had to say about her experience working with 1492:

"I was a little nervous for the first shoot, but after a few minutes I was super comfortable, even when I did poses that made seemed silly. :) I absolutely loved getting to work with Nowelle, she has a very creative eye which helps when finding the best locations and poses for photos. I am so thankful that I chose to go with Studio 1492 for my senior pictures. I love all the pictures that she took and how flexible she was! I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to do their senior pictures!"

Thanks, Ellie! I consider myself lucky that I got to work with you for your senior session.

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