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Idel & Kirsten- Engaged

I know I talk all of the time about how amazing my clients are, but it's true! If you've never worked with me, you just don't understand how slightly scary it is when I say the words "So, I have an idea..." but it's no joke! I tossed those exact words to Kirsten but they were followed with this: "So, I have an idea! What if we hang twinkle lights up in an old barn and shoot half of your session after the sun has set??" Her instant response "Yes! Let's do it!" Those moments, just know that in my head a much more rational part of Nowelle is going "Wait, what did you say? We're doing what?! You've only met this person once for 5 minutes and are asking them to put their trust in you and your slightly nuts idea?!"

Thankfully, we don't listen to Rational Nowelle very often. She's not much fun!

So we shot the first half of this engagement session in the field behind the farm at deep sunset and it was magical. It was also painful because rule number one of living in the country was ignored. If it's an electric fence, always assume it's hot. Whatever. I know NOW not to lean there. And Kirsten and Idel now know that Nowelle has a tendency to cuss when she gets the crap shocked out of her! It's funny now. Actually we laughed then as well.

So after the sun set we went into the barn (where I had to shut up Rational Nowelle again because she's a pain!) and we shot the last few images in almost complete dark. You guys, I will admit it- I was nervous! Like woah holy crap my ISO is as far up as it will go kind of what am I doing type of nervous. But. It worked out so well. SO WELL. These are some of my favorite images from last fall and it's all thanks to these two trusting me and me being willing to take a risk. I love when it pays off!

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