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Introducing the newest 1492 Rep Team members!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

The last 3 weeks or so, we have been searching for our next 1492 Rep Team members and today, we are finally announcing them!

We had over 65 applications submitted and all of them were from amazing students. Narrowing down things like this is HARD. I have spent so many hours reading through all of their applications and making lists and notes and post it notes that are all over my office- it looks like a pink post it note explosion in there! We finally got them down to this list of students, and I cannot wait to meet all of them and start working together.

In no specific order, here they are. Expect to see a lot of these amazing kids in the next year.

Kayden- Senior Rep

Kaitlin- Senior Rep

Riley- Senior Rep

Drew- Senior Rep

Cate- Senior Rep

Anna- Senior rep

Brilynn- Senior Rep

Katie- Senior Rep

Renden- Senior Rep

Chelsey- Junior Rep

Calla- Senior Rep

Zara- Senior Rep

Evelyn- Senior Rep

Taylor- Junior Rep

Messiah- Senior Rep

Blainey- Junior Rep

Alexis- Senior Rep

Abby- Senior Rep

Madison- Junior Rep

Mallory- Senior Rep

Katelyn- Senior Rep

MacKenzie- Senior Rep

Lucy- Junior Rep

Gracie- Junior Rep

Thank you to everyone that submitted an application and congratulations to all of the above students! I cannot wait to meet everyone and start working together!

Be sure to keep an eye on your emails because your welcome information along with all of the next steps will be headed your way shortly.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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