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Kyleigh- Class of 2025

Meet Kyleigh, a member of the Columbus North High School's Cross Country and Track team. We actually started her session at the high school and to say I was a bit thrown by how many awards and bibs she had would be an understatement. I love when seniors bring additional props like this to their session because it makes the final images more personal! Also, you can't tell in these photos but it was in the high 90's the evening of Kyleigh's session. Some of my biggest tips for shooting on those hot summer days are:

  1. Bring lots of water

  2. We start your session as late as we possibly can without running out of daylight.

  3. We maximize time spent in the cars with the air blasting.

  4. If possible, we may even switch your session to a morning session to avoid the hot afternoon temps.

Also, a bonus tip for all of my summer shoots- wear bug spray and not scented lotions or body sprays.

When planning Kyleigh's session, we talked about a couple of spots that she had fallen in love with during her runs. She actually lives right down the road from me and several of the spots were actually right outside our own front doors. I love that these are locations that aren't normally used but that mean something to Kyleigh!

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