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Kyra- Class of 2023

Kyra is a Senior at Hauser High School and her session was truly one of the most fun, easy going sessions ever. She was up for any and all ideas that I threw her way, had the cutest outfits and I am forever a sucker for a cowboy hat!

Kyra plays 3rd base on the Hauser Softball team as well as a member of their volleyball team and active in the FFA program. She hopes to attend Purdue next year to study Ag Law which blows me away! I swear Seniors now have things figured out way more than I ever did at their age!

Lately, we have had a lot of requests for senior sessions that finish in the water. I thought I would give you a few of my favorite tips for shooting in the water.

1- Obvious, but this will be your final stop. If you tell me you want to shoot with water, then I assume that means you are okay with ending up wet. (If not, you may want to warn me! Haha!)

2- Bring beach towels for afterwards. You will need to dry off as well as have something to wrap your wet clothes in for the ride home.

3- If it's going into the creek, assume it will be ruined. Don't wear expensive clothes or shoes. Actually, no shoes is generally the best look.

4- Water shots are more difficult than they may seem. This is a good time to have help on the shore. Someone to hold your stuff or even to run back to the car is always helpful.

5- Embrace it. If you're wanting to shoot in the water, be willing to go all in. Does this mean you have to leave completely soaked? No! But shots where you are willing to sit in the water are always more interesting than just standing on the shore.

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