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Lauren- Class of 2024

April was a hard month for me as far as sessions happening on schedule went. We had to reschedule so many sessions thanks to weather and Lauren was one of them. In fact, we had to reschedule her multiple times! Thankfully we finally were able to make it happen just in time for her to graduate. Congratulations, Lauren!

Are you having trouble trying to figure out WHEN you want to shoot your senior session? Well, then let's talk about what season is right for you!

SUMMER is great for seniors with fall yearbook deadlines & busy extra-curricular fall schedules like sports, practices, and meetings. It’s also the perfect season if you love crop tops, shorts, and a more tropical look to your pictures.

FALL is the perfect season for seniors who want warmer tones in their images & want to get their photos done before the 2nd semester senior craziness begins. It’s also a good option for seniors with early release as these sessions usually happen earlier in the day due to daylight savings.

WINTER is a great option for seniors who want cool weather and lots of layers in their senior pics. It’s also great for more holiday & winter themed shoots as well as snow shoots.

SPRING is the best option for seniors who want to wait until just before their graduation to take pics. It’s also great for seniors who can’t miss school for their session as these shoots tend to start later in the day due to longer daylight hours.

Class of 2025, now that you have been able to find out which season is best for you, let’s get your session booked! Click Contact Us on our website to book the perfect senior session season for you and we’ll get your booking process started!

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