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Makyna- Class of 2023

Makyna is one of our newest Class of 2023 Senior Reps, and I am so excited to work with her this year! Leading up to the day of her session, the temps were predicted to be HOT. Like heat index of well over 105. Thankfully, Makyna was up for changing things up just a bit.

Want to know my biggest secret to beating the insane heat during Summer sessions?

Shoot in the morning instead of the afternoon or evening!

Morning light is STUNNING! Makyna trusted me and met me super early one morning and it was so worth the early wake up call. The morning light tends to be softer and almost have a hazy filter look. You can also shoot at places that are generally very crowded without anyone around because nobody else is waking up at dawn! Haha!

Also, you then have the rest of the day to do whatever you want- including taking a nap without worrying about being on time for your session that evening.

So tell me- would you wake up early for your senior session?

Also, I love the colors she chose for her session- especially that teal dress!

Want to know what colors are HOT for summer senior pictures?

And yes.... we mean HOT. While it may be a billion degrees outside, you can still wear this season’s color trends for your senior session & make a fashion statement! Here’s this year’s colors of summer:

CITRUS TONES: lemon yellow, blood orange, & grapefruit tones

BOLD COLORS: bubble gum pink, fuscia, teal and poppy red

COOL SHADES: barely there blues, soft lavender, and kiwi green.

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