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Our Search For The Next 1492 Rep Team Starts Today!

It's finally time! Today we are launching our search for our next 1492 Rep Team! Before we get to the fun part, let's chat details.

First and foremost, who. We are looking mostly for member of The Class of 2023 to be Senior Reps but this year we also have a couple of spots for Junior Reps so member of The Class of 2024 (current sophomores) are also invited to apply.

We are also looking to branch out into other schools beyond just Columbus East and North, so please don't feel like you can't apply if you don't attend there. Basically anywhere in Indiana (or we will happily travel so...) Haha!

Next, the biggest things about being a rep are that you:

1- Need to be willing to do fun styled shoots throughout the year with us.

2- Cannot already be signed up to be a Rep or Spokesmodel with any other photographer. We are not in the business of stealing Reps- please do not put us in that position.

3- You must use 1492 for your senior session. Seems obvious, but there it is.

4- Fill out an application and return it to me via email no later than March 14th. To receive an application, fill out the form at the bottom of the page here or you can email me at and please include the following:



Are you wanting to be considered for a Senior or Junior Rep position?

We will announce the chosen Reps on March 31.

We cannot wait to start working with our next round of 1492 Reps!

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

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