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Red, White & Blue! It's the 1492 Rep Crew!

Every year I change things around with my Rep Team based on what I learned worked well (or what did not work) on the previous years.

This year, we have decided to do several planned styled shoots that are scheduled in advance so that the most team members possible can come. However, as usual, that all depends a bit on outside factors such as, Mother Nature.

Our 4th of July styled shoot was planned well in advance and the closer we got to the date, we realized that we needed to adjust. They were calling for temperatures in the triple digits the evening we had scheduled and heat index temps close to 108! No thank you!! Thankfully my reps are amazing and were all able to adjust.

We broke the shoot into 2 seperate times and before you ask, yes, I truly did hand 30 teenagers lit fireworks! Haha!

I cannot wait until our next team shoot!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!!

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