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Sophia- Class of 2023

I know you see me starting to post a lot about Fall sessions, but if you ask me, I am a Summer girl through and through. Yes, my favorite holiday is Halloween but I am also one of those crazy people that loves when it is super hot and I don't really mind the humidity (until it gets into these crazy numbers like lately of 105+ and then even I'm inside!)

My other favorite part of Summer is that everything is in bloom and everything is green and lush. Sophia's session really took advantage of this amazing season.

Sophia is a Senior at Columbus North, and also an accomplished dancer. She is also one of my Senior Reps this year and I am looking forward to working with her several times over her Senior year.

Sophia is the sweetest person with a happy, bubbly personality and just hanging out with her is always a blast. I love the outfits that she picked for this session and how well we were able to pair them with each location that she wanted. We even had a chance to shoot at some spots that I haven't shot at before which always makes me happy.

So comment below and tell me- what is your favorite season?? Does anyone actually love winter??

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