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The Meyer Family

If you are following me on social media, you already know the crazy story about how Jamey and I made an insane connection. If not, head over there to read the story and see how the world truly is a much smaller place than you think.

With pumpkin pie spice season just around the corner, I know many of you are planning to do fall family sessions. I thought I would start sharing my top tips to get the most out of sessions- even if they aren't with us. (But we would love to hang out with you so if you are interested, let us know.)

Today, we are sharing a few of our top tips for getting the most out of sessions with very little babies. I shared these on my Facebook page, but here are a few more and more details as well.

1- Don't get your baby dressed until I get there and we are ready to shoot. Use the time leading up to pictures to feed them but keep them in just a diaper to avoid them spitting up on the outfit you have planned for photos. Also, whomever is feeding the baby should avoid getting fully ready until the very last minute as well. Spit up and worse happens- just be prepared. I will happily hang out a few minutes while you run and finish getting ready rather than if you have to stress and scramble because your favorite outfit choice is... um, a bit ruined.

2- Just know that the tiniest human will fully control the entire session. If they need a dinner break, small nap or a moment to meltdown, then that's what is going to happen. Plan for these small interruptions and just roll with them. They are in charge.

3- Have a backup outfit planned for every member of the family just in case. Even if it isn't a baby that spits up, accidents happen. Kids fall, dogs will jump and dad's shirt always seems like the perfect place to wipe you nose when you're 3. Even if you aren't planning to ever change during photos, just knowing that you have a plan in place will help you feel so much less stressed.

4- Know your little ones and don't try pushing them too close to bed time. Sunset shots are gorgeous, but if your little one is generally sound asleep long before then, let's talk about other options. On the same note- if they are generally eating dinner when we will be shooting then make sure they don't come hungry. Hangry is a very real thing (and not just for kids!)

5- Pets are always welcome when I do photos- always! Bring treats though if we aren't shooting at your house so that I have something to reward them with as well as to use to get their attention.

That's all of the tips for today, but can we just talk about how amazing the outfits that Craig and Jamey picked out for their photos with Blair turned out?! That orange dress is the perfect pop of color and coordinates so beautifully with all of the blue tones. Jewel tones are always a good idea for photos!

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