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Tips & Tricks Tuesday- How to schedule Senior Photos with athletes.

Several of the seniors that I photograph are athletes which can be very tricky when trying to figure out logistics for their session. I thought I would throw a few tips for anyone planning a session with a senior athlete.

#1- What season are they “in-season”? Football players- sorry, but it’s almost impossible to get your sessions done in the fall. Baseball players- don’t wait until Spring for your photos!

#2- Football players- Early summer or Spring is your most ideal timeframe. Why? So often when they start practicing in the summer heat those helmets and chinstraps tend to break them out badly. Getting photos done before heavy practice starts or after the season is fully over is generally best. Oh, and don’t forget that once they head into playoffs they tend to stop shaving, cutting their hair or even all decide to bleach their hair. During the season is a scary idea with football players.

#3- Come prepared as if you were heading to a game. Bring all of your equipment including baseballs or footballs or whatever ball you might need. (I can hear my 12 year old son chuckling at that last comment- sorry!) Helmets, jerseys, letter jackets- bring it all. Oh, and don’t forget the awards. Those massive State rings or hundreds of swim metals- bring it all! Even if you have to prop your feet on storage bins in the car because you are basically an insanely talented swimmer or volleyball player… hint, hint, Rachel and Hannah?! ;)

#4- The locations matter- kind of. If you want football photos on the field, great! I’m going to leave it up to mom or dad to arrange with the coaches or AD to get us in. But sometimes it’s also fun to think outside of the box. Like a volleyball player at the top of a parking garage (in the middle of the storm which was NOT planned but she wanted to roll with it and I’m soooo glad she did!) But knowing if you want traditional or out of the box is a good place to start.

#5- Don’t assume. When we set up a time to chat and plan all of the details of your custom session, which we do for every single session, make sure your senior is a part of the conversation. For the longest time I met with just the parents because, generally the senior boy, didn’t want to be a part of the meeting. And I kept hearing “plan whatever- they don’t care!” So we did. And then I’d get a text in the next few days from mom that went something like this: “So we were wrong. We ran your ideas past XXX and he actually picked the opposite idea that I did.” They DO care. Even if it’s just a little bit or if they care what they DON’T do- either way- they care. So when we set up that FaceTime meeting, please make sure your senior is there to participate. Even if they sit there in complete silence the entire time looking at their phone- they’re listening. And it might be that they don’t add input until we hang up, they were still listening. They cared. Even just a little bit.

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