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Tyler- Class of 2021

Happy Sunday, friends! I am working on playing catch up on my blog, as well as starting a new senior series. My goal is to share tips and tricks for my senior clients and their parents that will help them best plan their own custom session while also showcasing some of my recent session. Up first, Tyler!

Tyler is (was?) a Columbus East Senior and was also a decorated wrestler. Tyler started wrestling when he was 12 years old. I love how we were able to include some of his medals as well as his singlets into his session. We also lucked out because, as we were shooting downtown, someone happened to park their very cool vintage car right next to us so we were able to snag a few shots with it in the background. I also tease during my sessions that we need to wait for the mini van in the background to move or to find a way to hide it and "why can't it ever be a cool car in the background?!" Well, today was the day for cool cars in the background, and I'm not mad about it at all!

This fall, Tyler is planning to head to Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Go, Sharks!

So for your Sunday Senior Tips time. Let's start off with the biggest question I get asked. "How do I get my senior guy excited about photos?"

Well, here's the truth of it- you might not ever get them 'excited' about photos. Some guys (and girls) just hate having their pictures taken and there's nothing we can do about it. However, there are a few things we can do to help make it as painless as possible.

1- Involve them in the planning process. If they have a say in how many outfits and which locations they shoot at, it helps a ton. Then they aren't showing up at their session completely blind as to what you have planned and somehow making them mad because they hate an outfit you picked or think a location is dumb. If they are involved in the planning phone call, then at least they can't get mad about what was planned. They had their chance to say no.

2- Involve things that are meaningful to them. Are they big into a certain sport or activity? Let's find a cool way to include that! Do they have a pet that they want to include? Perfect! Do they want to include their truck or car even if you don't love the idea, do it! Let them have a say in things that they want.

3- If they really, REALLY hate having photos taken, please do not plan to have them change outfits 15 times. The less they have to change clothes, the happier they will be. Simple changes like throwing on their letter jacket or letting them add a hat to an outfit can make photos look totally different while minimizing changing time.

4- Don't assume that just because they are a guy that they will hate it! It is rare when I have a senior show up and hate every single part of their session. Does it take some longer to warm up than others? Of course! But almost always, they warm up and are happy and pleasant during their photos. No, this is probably not where they wanted to spend their Saturday evening. I get that! However, they also realize that this is a big deal (even if it isn't a big deal to them, they know it's a big deal to you.) Plus, they know that is they just suck it up and shoot, the quicker we will be done.

5- Bring music! If they are more comfortable with music playing while we shoot, bring it! I am happy to have them put music on on their phones and have it playing in the background while we shoot.

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