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Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's already time to ring in another year! But first, we need to say thank you to everyone for an amazing 2016! We photographed so many weddings, met tons of new people and made friends everywhere we went. We even expanded to add Olivia to our wedding crew- something I am still in awe of. When I started, I never thought that I'd need to hire not 1 but 2 people to keep up with our demand! You are all the most amazing people ever!! 

2017 is going to be HUGE! Seriously, we're photographing almost double the weddings (we still have room for a few more too!) We've also found out that we will soon be featured in multiple national wedding magazines for our recent work- I can't spill the beans yet, but I'm bursting with excitement!!! 

Another big thing in 2017 that we've already started is that I am giving the studio brand to total overhaul and a much needed facelift. This is my company and it was well past time for me to take complete control of some aspects that I had let others help me with along the way. While I'm  still a little bit nervous about this, I'm so ready! 

Thank you again and again for an amazing year!! 

Bring on 2017! 


Nowelle, Miranda & Olivia 

P.S. We're still on vacation until the 9th but since no blog is complete with images, here's a few I could pull from my phone. Ignore the watermark! :)

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