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Wedding Referral Program (and why we think you should book with us!)

Good morning! (Okay, please let me be honest- I am SO not that happy, chipper morning person. I have already had several cups of coffee to get to this point of faking it!) Anyhow!

This weekend we got A LOT of wedding requests, so I wanted to touch base with everyone about a couple of quick things.

First, I cannot guarantee your wedding date without a signed contract and deposit. Until I have both of those in hand, the date is still available. However, I will try to touch base with you if your date is requested and just see where you are in the decision process but I cannot always promise that.

Second, 'tis the season to get engaged! Tell me that you don't know of at least one person (probably more) that got some fancy new bling for her finger this past Christmas. Or, maybe she's getting it for Valentine's Day next month. Well, whenever she says yes, we would LOVE for you to refer her our way! 100% of our business is done through word of mouth and referrals so without you sharing your experience we'd be back at square 1. So since you guys are all doing the "leg work" for me, I thought we should build a killer Wedding Referral Program to thank you! So here it is!

For every wedding that you refer to us and that books (make sure they tell us who referred them- we always ask but they don't always remember. REMIND THEM!) for every booked referral, we will reward you with a complimentary full session. Refer again and they book? You'll get a custom CD with ALL the digital files from your session. Keep referring? It only goes up from here! (And believe me- it can REALLY go up!)

Okay, now brides to be. I'm sure you're doing your homework and checking us out along with what might feel like hundreds of other amazing wedding photographers. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by. However, let me share just a couple of reasons why I think we deserve another look and maybe a phone call.

Did you know...

Over 70% of our weddings last year were featured in publications? Yep! We were featured in The Republic, WeddingDay Magazine, She Magazine, H&H Weddings and 2 Brides 2 Be just to name a few. Also, for the past 2 years, one of our images have been featured in WeddingDay Magazine's top 25 images for that year! Oh, and in 2016 we were in the top 10.

Customer service is our #1 priority. We are your one stop bridal shop. We have worked with the best of the best, and are more than happy to give you the names and numbers of who you should (and sometimes shouldn't) be working with. And if at any time during the planning process something comes up- we're here! Call us and we will help you figure it out- no matter what. We want you and your wedding to be 100% perfect so we'll help you achieve this.

Each and every single session that we photograph is custom planed from locations to outfits, props and colors. We work very closely with our couples to custom tailor their engagement session as well as their wedding day photography so that you get exactly what you want and then some. No boring cookie cutter sessions here where you end up with the exact same engagement pictures of everyone else that you know. Ugh! How boring!

Wait- you don't know how to build a wedding timeline so that everything happens exactly when it's suppose to and everyone is in the right place at the right time? That's okay, we do and will happily build one for you and your wedding day. We'll sit down with you a few weeks before your wedding and go over all the fine details, build your custom timeline and then send it to you. All you have to do is forward it on to your family, wedding party and vendors and you're done!

These are just a few of the reasons why we think you should call us to set up an in-person consult. Let's grab a cup of coffee, look over our portfolio, custom albums and chat details. No pressure and totally stress free! Click on the Contact Us link and send us a message today to get started!

Cheers and Happy wedding planning!

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