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Katie & Brandon- A Snowy Start

With a wind chill advisory on until Tuesday with temps in the negative double digits you might think that this weekend's bride and groom chose to stay indoors for their First Look and photos of them and their wedding party. However, we happen to work with some very amazing couples and Katie and Brandon were game for anything- including shooting outdoors for over an hour! My camera actually kept freezing up before Katie did!! Also, I think the only time it snowed at all on Saturday was the hour we happened to be outside. And even then, I'm still not sure if it was truly snowing or just the wind blowing the snow from the day before off the trees and rooftops. Either way it was really, REALLY COLD!!!

But if they weren't complaining then neither was I so we just kept shooting!

We did their First Look downtown and then slowly worked our way to Lucabe Coffee Company where we were greeted with amazing coffee, heat and the sweetest baristas ever! The images from this unplanned stop are actually some of my favorite wedding images I have ever shot because they are just so perfectly Katie & Brandon. You might remember that we shot their engagement session at another local coffee shop this past Spring. If not, check it out here.

This is just such a small sample of images that I wanted to share. There will be so many more to come including images from their gorgeous golden reception at The Commons.

Complete List of Vendors:

Katie's Dress: That Special Touch

Fur Shrug: Amazon

Hair and Makeup: Chaleece Leckron and Anna Miller

Flowers: Katie's mom!!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus

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