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The Image She Always Wanted

When I work with a couple for their wedding, I always have them send me a shot list of images or groups that they want on the wedding day. That way we know what we need and aren't scrambling the day of to remember all of their wants when the pressure is on.

Well, I got Jessica & Chris shot list and at the top of it was a request for a silhouette image. Chris said in his email "Jessica has always wanted a shot like this!" Okay, that's easy enough... or is it? Well, not really when the day of your wedding rolls around and there is NO sun. Like we are talking scary dark clouds all day long. I stressed about it the entire wedding day knowing that this was an image that Jessica had always dreamed of and was wanting me to capture.

Well, we tried that day and it just wasn't perfect and gosh darn it, they deserved perfect! All of my couples do! So I sent Jess a screen shot of what we got on Saturday and then this message:

"What time are you leaving town to head home?" (they live up near Chicago)

Jessica "Tuesday morning- early."

Me "Okay, would you be willing to toss your wedding dress and Chris's suit back on before you leave Tuesday and re-do your silhouette shot since it looks like it will be sunny?"

With NO hesitation- Jessica: "Yes!"

So that's what we did this morning, at sunrise, with heavy frost and below freezing temps, they walked through a cornfield to get this shot. Was it worth it? Only Jessica and Chris can say for certain, but in my mind, always.

Customer service seems to be a lost art, but for me it's everything. It's something as simple as carrying their lipstick all day on the wedding day to something like waking up at dawn to get the shot they always dreamed of before they leave town. I tell all of the couples that I work with at their very first consult with me- before they've even hired me the same thing. "Hire wedding professionals that you can 100% trust and they will make sure your day is stress-free and perfect."

Thank you to Jessica and Chris for hiring me and trusting me enough to never think twice about my crazy requests.

Here is just 1 of the images from this morning. There were several favorites so picking was hard!

Also, there is a logo on it because this is an image that I can see being pinned on Pinterest again and again and I want Jess and Chris to see it on there and know it's them!

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