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Is it hot in here or is it just YOU??

Ladies, especially those whose weddings I am photographing this year- want in on a super secret? I offer epic boudoir sessions that give you a gift to give your groom on the day of the wedding that will blow him away! Think about this- you have spent the past year or so getting into wedding shape so you are at your best. We can custom tailor your session so that it includes personal touches that will make it even more meaningful to both of you. Don't think you're brave enough? What if I tell you that I have never photographed a boudoir session that didn't thank me by the end for the fun experience??

Wait- you're already married so you don't think this blog post is for you, well you're totally wrong! Think about what would happen at your next anniversary when you give him this gift. Let me just spoil the surprise and tell you that you are golden for his next 6 holidays!

Want to give it a try or just want to chat about details? Contact us today to set up a personal consult. Oh, and this will for sure be a blog that has no shareable images!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening, friends!

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