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2017- A Year Of Big Changes

Good morning! Grab a cup of coffee (or if you're like me a giant Yeti full of coffee) and settle in. This morning I am finally making an announcement about the big changes that Studio 1492 Photography will be seeing in 2017.

When I started photographing, it was ALL families, children and newborns with a scattering of seniors. I swore I would never photograph weddings because I didn't think I would enjoy them and that I wouldn't be good at them. This was my theme for the first few years of business and then I said yes to just a couple of weddings. And then maybe just a couple more. And then... well, if you're following my blog I think you can quickly see where this is going.

However, I while I was suddenly photographing (and loving) weddings I was also spreading myself thin by still working with all of the other types of sessions. Let me let you in on a little secret- it is REALLY hard to spend all weekend photographing weddings and engagement sessions and then transition on Monday morning to newborns or 6 month olds. My brain spent the first part of the sessions just trying to keep up since it was still in wedding mode. Does this mean I didn't love working with babies? Um, no! In fact, I loved them! I got to snuggle brand new babies and then send them home while I slept through the night! Pretty much the best of both worlds! However, I was suddenly (much to my surprise) becoming very in demand as a wedding photographer. It seemed like that genre that I had fought so hard to avoid was actually showing itself as my true home.

In the past couple of years, I've continued to do it all. However just like everything in life nobody can do it all and do it all well. It came time for me to start making some very difficult choices. So many of these families are ones that I have worked with since the very beginning. But when I sat down (on a beach in Hawaii where all big decisions should always be made) I realized that I am, through and through, a wedding and couples photographer. It's where my heart is at, and where I am at my best.

So, for the big changes in 2017- I will no longer be offering newborn sessions or My First Year plans. Of course, if you are already on a plan with me we will finish it out- no worries! However, no new plans will be added. I will still be offering family sessions and senior sessions but that is all. I am taking this chance to really pour my heart and soul into the area that I love. Thank you to all of the families that have hired me in the past few years. I still hope to see you at our annual fall minis for family sessions. And a big, huge thank you to my amazing brides and grooms that have believed in me and my crew and made this transition possible. It is truly an honor to capture your special day.

With all that finally being said- Bring on wedding season!! We are so ready! Oh, and because every good blog has a couple of pictures, here is that very beach in Kaua'i where all big descions should be made- Poipu. Sigh... take me back...

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