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My favorite part of the wedding day is...

I love photographing weddings! From start to finish I usually have a blast. However, there is always one part that is my absolute favorite. It's that time right after the ceremony and before the reception. All the pressure is gone. They're married and it's almost party time! This is usually when I grab the bride, groom and wedding party and get all of those amazing shots that we are famous for. Well, Tony & Julie's wedding party took it to a whole new level and it was amazing! However, slight disclaimer- you might notice that a few images are missing from the blog. Namely those including the groomsmen. Don't worry- we still took the images! However- they are going to remain private... moving on!! ;)

These are just a few favorites from between the ceremony and reception as well as a couple of the reception decor. I love that the head table had some fun gag items on it to honor the fact that it was April Fool's Day! (P.S.- look very closely at Chris, the groomsmen in the last picture to see why I took it!)

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