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Mr. & Mrs. Bunner!

This was one of the sweetest ceremonies that I have ever photographed. From the adorable flower girl and ring bearer, the wonderful surprise that Brittany's grandmother was well enough to attend and the fact that Eric's childhood friend performed the ceremony it was one for the books. Add in the fact that there was a healthy dose of tears and giggles and needless to say, it was a treat to photograph.

As I mentioned earlier, Brittany's grandmother has been having some health issues and they was unsure if grandma would be in attendance until Brittany saw her grandma when she walked down the aisle. She dropped her dad's arm and walked over to hug grandma and I can almost guarantee you that there wasn't a dry eye in the chapel at that point. We were lucky enough to get some gorgeous photographs after the ceremony with Brittany and Grandma and those might be some of my most favorite images that I have ever photographed.

Oh, and that little ring bearer and flower girl! Are they not the cutest set of twins, ever?! I loved Gavin's sign and how he held onto it during the entire ceremony until the very end when they prayed. He tossed it down so that he could fold his little hands to pray. Swoon!

Eric and Brittany giggled and cried a little through the sweet ceremony and while I had trouble deciding which 20 images to share I think these below will give you just a sample of how it went.

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