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Casey & Monica

Wedding days are always a little bit stressful. Add in the fact that Casey and Monica were looking at a 100% chance of severe storms all day and you can bet it cranked that stress up a notch or 5! (PS, apparently in weather-man world 100% chance all day means just until 9:00 A.M. and then it's going to be gorgeous. Thanks a lot, dude!)

So on Thursday we came up with a back up plan for their First Look as well as their wedding party shots. We also have a timeline in case it was just slightly raining, a timeline for no rain and a timeline for downpours. Yes, that means we were working off of 3 very different timelines. Guess which one we used- none of them! That's why I also stress to my clients the need to go into the day with a plan but to be flexible. Monica and Casey were flexible and we were able to accomplish all of their dream locations BEFORE we even made it to their ceremony! This is yet another reason I cannot stress enough that you should really consider doing a first look. You have so much more time to do fun pictures and multiple locations. But that's another blog post for another day!

Also, big, huge shout out to Jeff Air for helping us with their amazing First look location. It made for a one of a kind location and the shots there are super unique! Thank you!! Also, thanks to The Columbus Bar for letting us all crash in on you for a few fun shots- both the liquid kind and the photo kind!

All hair and makeup was done by the amazingly talented Leslie Hair And Makeup. I love her and her amazing crew! I always know that the hair and makeup will look fantastic all day long!

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I finally figured out how to force my blog to let me share more than 20 images! Score! So, here is just a few favorite, literally- it's just a drop in the bucket, from BEFORE the ceremony!

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