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It's Party Time!

This is it! Today we have the last of Casey and Monica's wedding blogs and let's just say- we are going out on a great note! Today we are featuring their reception and it was a [arty from the get go!

First up was a hilarious speech by the Best Man followed by a custom rap by the Matron and Maid of Honor! I love the look on Monica's face when she realized what was happening!!

There are very few wedding receptions that we attend where there isn't at least a few times that the dance floor isn't empty. This one however, was full until we packed up and headed out. It made for some amazing shots- oh, and this is just a drop in the bucket of the amount of dance floor images we ended up with! Monica and Casey, you guys are going to have an absolute BLAST going through all the images when you get home of your wedding guests on the dance floor! But until then, here's a few for you to enjoy!

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