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Education is coming... NEXT WEEK!!!

EEEEKKKKK!!! You guys! I am so excited! For the past 6 months I have been thinking about adding a new series to the blog that is centered all around educating my brides and grooms to help them be the most prepared couples on their wedding day. I have been working on building a laundry list of topics that I keep getting asked about and it went from 2-3 questions to 2-3 PAGES! That was when I knew that it was time.

Let me start off by saying that 10 years ago (okay, maybe even just 6 years ago) I never would have dreamed that I would have anything to contribute to the wedding industry! When Paul and I planned our wedding 12 years ago, I was LOST!!! If you would have told me then that 12 years later I would be teaching couples how to make the most out of their wedding day, I would have laughed and called you crazy! But here I am!

Now, I know what you're thinking- "Wait- Nowelle you're going to post this information out there where just any bride, groom or fellow photographer could steal it?!" Yup! That's been my biggest hurdle, but then I realized a few things. A- I am not the photographer for every couple. I am out of the price range for some and for others, our personalities just don't mesh, and that's fine! If they want to take the time to read through my blog than welcome! B- Fellow Photographers- welcome! I am no longer going to look at every other local photographer as competition. I refuse to be a part of the hateful atmosphere that surrounds the photography community and the wedding industry in general. In fact, I would LOVE to build a wedding industry community in the Columbus area that supports each other and has each others' backs. I'm not talking crazy! I think it could really happen! But anyhow! That's a blog for a different day!

I have had a ton of response to my original blog post saying that I would be starting an education forum on the blog, and then wedding season hit me hard in April and May. We've already photographed 9 weddings this year, and summer has just begun! However, I am finally back among the living and wanted to let everyone know that on Monday we will be releasing our very first educational blog and it is the biggest topic that I get asked about:

Why Should you Do a First Look??

Well, I am going to lay out my top reasons why as well as a few reasons people chose not to do them. Also, this will just be the beginning! Here are few more topics we will be working on soon:

*Why do you need an engagement session and how to plan for one?

*How to plan an unplugged ceremony

*Boudoir Sessions- The fine details

*Who needs to be on your "Must Shoot" list for your wedding day?

And SO many more!! We are also going to be featuring some of our favorite wedding vendors in the industry and letting them take over the blog for a day to educate you on their area of expertise! Some of the biggest names in the industry for Hair and Makeup, flowers, cake and even wedding planning!

I am so excited!!!

So set your calendars to alert you- Monday morning will be our first and biggest blog post ever talking all about First Looks!

Until then, happy weekend, friends! I hope you all have a gorgeous few days!



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