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Education- First Looks!

This is our most frequently discussed question at initial wedding consults. Why should we do a first look? Today we are going to break down all of the reasons why we HIGHLY recommend them and then show you a ton of images from First Looks to prove our points. Grab a drink- this might take a while!

*The number one reason that we hear on why brides do not want to do a First Look is because they want that AH! moment from their groom when she walks down the aisle. However, if that is important to you (and let's be honest ladies- of course it's important!) then that reason alone is exactly why we recommend a First Look. The way we set up a First Look is in a private location where it is just the 2 of you and me with me longest lens so that I am as far away as possible. This is huge! There is nobody around but the 2 of you (I don't count!) and you will get his absolute truest reaction. He isn't worried about crying in front of 150 people. He doesn't have to be worrying about what he's suppose to do/ say first in the ceremony. All he has to worry about is turning around and looking at the most important person in his whole world. That's it! They honestly totally forget that I am even there the moment they see you! When you save that moment for walking down the aisle, he has to wait 30 minutes or more before he can say how stunning you look. And let's be honest- by that point you're too busy for him to even remember to say it half the time. This gives you 5-10 minutes to talk, snuggle, kiss and cry together without everyone watching you. If either of you are at all shy, this is HUGE! I did not do a First Look at my own wedding, and do you know when the first time I actually sat down and talked to Paul alone was? It was 10:00 that night! All I wanted was to hug him and have a few minutes alone to just tell him I loved him without having 200 people watching or trying to get our attention.

*As soon as your First Look is done, we break right into 30-45 minutes of shooting just the 2 of you. These images will ALWAYS be your favorites! These are the entire reason you have me there that day- to get pictures of the 2 of you looking totally in love! We don't give you time to come down too far from the emotional high of your First Look so that you guys are still looking at one another with stars in your eyes. Those moments show through loud and clear to everyone who sees your images. Also, a huge added bonus, we generally say that couples who do a First Look can end up with almost 50% more images of just the 2 of them over couples that chose to stay traditional. We aren't pressed for time or racing to get everything done before the sun sets or you have to be at the reception. It is time to just focus on the 2 of you- no distractions and no rush! Also, an added bonus is that your hair and makeup is still fresh and perfect. Tears or sweat from the ceremony haven't messed with it so he sees you at your best that day and the images we capture of the 2 of you are perfect. And let's just be honest, the images you will love the most from that day are not the large family shots or of your friends on the dance floor. The images that will be hanging in your homes for years to come are the ones of just the 2 of you.

*Are either of you shy or at all nervous about standing in front of 150 people?? When you're scared or nervous who do you want by your side to help calm you- generally your significant other. When you do a First Look, the nerves are dropped way down because you have your favorite person by your side all day. The person you most want to be with is already with you and you are heading into the wedding together. Nothing can phase you when you've got each other.

*This reason is HUGE. When you do a First Look, 90% of your images are done before you even say I do. Take a moment to think about that. 90% of the images that you have to stand through- the large family groups, the traditional wedding party shots, the family and friends shots- they're done. All you have to do is walk down an aisle, repeat after the guy in front and head to the best party you've ever planned. And since the images we HAVE TO HAVE are done, we have time to do those fun, crazy images that we are best known for. You know the ones where we grab you and your wedding party, hop on a bus and make a few stops on our way to the reception and end up with something your wedding party will talk about for years to come?! Those shots! The only way we can do those shots is if we know you are 100% done with all of the shots you have to have that day before the ceremony.

*Admit it- we've all been guests at a wedding where we had to wait an hour or more at the reception for the bride and groom to finally show up before we could eat. Let's be honest- it sucks but that's life! You almost come to expect it if you've been to weddings a few times. However, when the couple sees each other beforehand there is no waiting for us because we are rolling in at the same time as your guests. You get to the party sooner and everyone wins! (And let's just be honest- we all want to just get to the party that day! That's where to cake and booze is!!)

You guys, I could go on and on about why I think doing a First Look is a game changer in your wedding day timeline. In fact, once you meet with me in person, I will probably talk your ear off about it if you are at all on the fence. However, I'm just going to share images from First Looks with you from a few previous couples. If you are ever in doubt about if you'll get his honest reaction- check out these below. (Especially Jennie & Will!)

Jennie & Will Swope

Addie & Dustin Burton

Ashley & Troy Hoban

Sarah & Jess Farmer- Forbes

Kaitlynn & Gavin Harvey

Josh & Jennifer Mohr

Andrea & Josh DeSmet

Ashley & Braden Loyd

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