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2018- It's Going Fast!!!

Yes, you read that title correctly! We are booking wedding dates for 2018 at a crazy pace! As it stands, we have 8 contracts signed for dates and consults for multiple others on the books in the next few weeks. I cannot believe the response- you guys seriously humble me!

While I'm not going to list all of the spoken for dates on here just yet (that will be coming soon- I promise) we can say that June and July are almost gone and October is starting to get some very serious interest. If you, or someone you know is planning a wedding in 2018 and want images that will stand out as uniquely you then contact us ASAP to book your in-person consult. The best way to do that is to click on the Contact Us link on the website and shoot us a message. Oh, and don't forget- if you refer a wedding to us, and they book you will get some pretty outstanding referral perks! (I'm talking about free stuff, and who doesn't love free stuff?!)

However, I must warn you. We aren't your normal, cookie cutter wedding photographers so if you are looking for that, I'll just be upfront= it isn't us. We want to work with couples who embrace their unique selves and who are up for getting unique images that will blow your friends cookie cutter sessions away. There's a reason that over 90% of our weddings so far this year have been featured in wedding publications and magazines. Find out why for yourselves!

Oh, and to the couples who have already signed on the dotted line for 2018- get ready for some fun!!!

(And since no blog post is complete without images, here are just a few of our favorites so far this year!)

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